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GC Petition

Ok, as most of you know, GC was up for MTV's Viewer's Choice and lost to Linkin Park. GC was ahead the entire time until LP somehow managed to jump ahead by 9%. There is a reason for this: some LP fans cheated by using an autovoter which allows them to vote several times faster than those of us voting normally. A petition has been started that is going to MTV. Yes, MTV may do nothing about this, but it is worth a short. In the lj cut below, I have included the post on the Naptown board that contains the links that prove some fans cheated as well as where you can sign the petition. Please help out GC and sign.

My friend found this. My frist thought was, just let it go. They lost. But then I saw that Linkin Park fans DID cheat.

Anyone can sign the petition. It will be sent to MTV.


To: MTV.com
This petition is to protest against Linkin Park winning the Viewers Choice Award. Us Good Charlotte fans wouldn't have a problem with this only we found evidence that the Linkin Park fans cheated to get votes. They used an autovoter, proof is at http://www.define-punk.co.uk. Before they were using this Good Charlotte were in the lead. So if you agree that Good Charlotte should have won this award and would have won if Linkin Park fans hadn't cheated then please sign this petition.

These are ScreenPrints from a Linkin Park message board..
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